Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary!!

Yesterday we celebrated 39 years together! I went for a run in the morning and Jenn had stayed the night on Friday, so she went with my to the "Y". I met with a trainer who showed me the machines I need to work with to help me tone up some of these flabby muscles. 
Paul and I decided not to get each other "things" for our anniversary this year since we've been spending money left and right on stuff for the house. He did however surprise me with these...
Not gonna lie...I LOVE THEM! and him :)

After our morning routines, Paul and I headed out to a small suburb of Cleveland called Tremont. Very quaint little place. Not a lot to do but we spent a couple of hours wandering. One of the 1st things I spotted as we got out of the car was this amazing statue...

So this awesome (tree of knowledge?) became our landmark. Whenever we saw it walking down a side street we knew we weren't far from the car.

We stopped in a really cute boutique and I got a pair of earrings that I just love along with a rotating stamp that has 12 acronyms...just what I need for my Project Life...

We also stopped at an antique shop and found a ceiling light fixture that will look great in our new "library". Right now there's a miniature chandelier of the one in the dining room and foyer. They're a little bit up scale for our tastes and besides, I'm not a fan of having a chandelier in a room that isn't a dining room LOL. Came upon an ice cream parlor and had a cone.

We then came home and took a nap. Later we went to a restaurant Bev had mentioned to me, The Stone Mad Pub in Cleveland. Sorry the pics are blurry, I didn't take them but googled them. 

To the right behind the tall fireplace is a fountain and more seats. 

We sat next to the fountain. I found the atmosphere very unique..I've never been to a place where all the seating was stone. 
I had an amazing sandwich...
Oh my, a salmon BLT!! With some kind of amazing avocado sauce..YUM! 
At first I wanted to go camping but I could tell that was the least thing Paul wanted to do. So I changed it and my whole goal for our anniversary was to go geocaching. Well, that didn't work out so well.  We tried on our way home and stopped at a couple of parks but had no luck. 

But, all in all we had a nice day. 

As always....

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  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!! You did have a fantastic day. I loved that stamp you got too. How cool is that?! You too look so good and lovey dovey after all these years. Wishing you many more loving years to come.