Tuesday, August 12, 2014


a large or excessive amount of (something).
"a plethora of committees and subcommittees"
synonyms:excess, overabundance, superabundance.

My co-worker, Bev and I used this word a lot. It's a fun word and I liked saying it LOL. Like when we lived in SoCal and I used Bougainvillea every chance I got! Anyhoo, it describes this post, instead of "this and that" or "random" it's a nice change.

(not sure why my above paragraph insists on being to the far right. I sometimes get really fed up with Blogger...ugh!)

First I want to say how sad I am that comedian/actor Robin Williams died yesterday. Apparently he committed suicide. Such a wonderfully talented and kind man. 

Many things have happened this past week. Paul and I went with Joe & Di to "Twilight At The Zoo". It was a charity benefit for the Cleveland Zoological Society whom I'm happy to donate money too, (unlike anything cancer related because of their mismanagement of funds but that's another post for another day) I know $ for the furbabies is a good cause. They had 18 bands there! Plenty of food, drink and music--what else could you ask for right? 

The whole zoo was beautifully lit after dark! 

I bought another gadget from Avon. This time it's a pineapple corer/slicer.


Ignore the offset photo. Blogger is really pushing me to find something else. 

Paul and I went to the Summer Market in Avon Lake and I found this perfect necklace for me...

I did some retail therapy earlier in the week...

I had a good excuse, my old blow dryer broke. 

Paul and I went to Middle Bass Island this past Saturday for Ernie's Annual All Island Open House. 13 houses he had open and we each sat in one from 12:30-3:30. I only had a couple of groups through so I got some knitting done. 
I knitted on the ferry to Middle Bass
At the house I sat at was THE coolest light fixture I've ever seen!! It's an outline map of the island!!! 

That just so happens to change colors.
So, we've been painting. Ordered the hardwood flooring for the "library" lol. 

25 shelves! I've got years of book shopping ahead of me..YAY!!
When Harold put the doors in (which at the time it was Dory's room), the framing had to fit the doorway. So, he put up a transom. Well, I really don't like the idea of a wooden transom. Paul and I went to Bev & Tom's for dinner one night and what a coincidence!! Tom does stained glass!!!! So, Paul took out the piece of wood and gave it to Tom and we've hired him so to speak to make us a leaded glass window for it! I'm so excited...

Bev gave me some fresh basil when we were there. I did a pretty good job making a homemade pizza with it...

And guess what? That's all she wrote..for now and as always...

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  1. What a great time you had along with all the other things you did. My blow dryer is going crazy so I need to get another one too. Thanks for sharing and keep having fun.