Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Bookshelves Are Done...fini!!!

We finally finished painting the bookshelves and doors to the study...
and got the floor installed on Monday...I am thrilled!!

Also on Monday our wall unit finally came. Ok, when I say "finally", I mean we bought this thing and the store ordered it back when the snow was still flying in April!!!!!!!!! There was an attack on the factory (I'm assuming somewhere in China) and the whole thing had to be re-built and shipped. Anyway...we love it!

I'm going to paint the seams behind the tv...that's just how I roll and that's OK :)

As always....


  1. wow this room looks awesome! I would love to come in there and just chill out and make work on a craft. val you are going to really enjoy this space. I love the floors and the wall units are just fab! enjoy it my friend!

  2. This is AMAZING!!!!! I love the floor - the wall unit - everything! Job well done, my friends!