Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Renovating partners?

Absolutely NOT! So, Paul loves this show Fixer Upper with this couple...

We've had our fair share of fixing up lately. We got the bookshelves in the "library" done...

We're thrilled with the way they turned out. Next Monday the flooring guys are installing the hardwood floor...YAY!

Anyway, back to my story. When Dory moved in, there were no doors in the doorway to this room. I guess it was an office or formal living room or something. Anyway, we had Harold get us some doors. We just now are getting around to painting them. The mullions were horrible! I mean they put glue all around each pane of glass that was gooped up in the was awful. So, Paul managed to get a coat of primer on them a couple of weeks ago and then a couple of coats of paint. Well I told him to leave the mullions for me.

Today I started to paint and got one side done. I turned the doors around and all around the windows were staples. Big holes that looked like ants! I could not LEAVE them just out there! So, I called Paul after searching the basement for some Spackle. He asks me what I want it for. I tell him when I turned the doors around there were all these little holes from the staples. He says he didn't know I wanted those covered! I never said anything before about them, he says. I never saw them!!

I say to him...ARE YOU FREEKING KIDDING ME? So he tells me to get the caulk gun and use that. I had to fill 200 holes!! Ugh!

Needless to say, we are so opposite when it comes to remodel and fixer upper things...we will never partner up and renovate a house together..EVER!

Ok, vent over. As always....

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  1. LOL! I know this room is going to be so beautiful when you all finish. Hang in there and sorry about those 200 holes you had to fill in. Wow, that was a lot of work. Just so weird there were staples there in the first place.