Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter in Virginia Beach

We left Saturday morning to head to Virginia Beach for Easter. Nicole and Deloise (and their 4 beautiful kiddos) live in Fredericksburg so we got to stop on the way and say "Hi" and give the little ones a few Easter goodies.

Either Cameron or Adrian (I think Cameron)
I think this is Adrian
Sweet Charlotte. They are so active it's hard to get a decent pic.
They loved the little wind up toys we got them, and of course the candy.

We got to Eric & Jessie's around 6pm.  I'm so glad they waited for us to color eggs.

Then Easter morning the kids got to do the egg hunt in the backyard.

We then headed to church and Jessie's sisters' house for Easter dinner.

Logan outside the Baptist Church
There were so many kids hunting for eggs at Jessie's sisters' house, I didn't get a chance to get a pic of Logan.
At one point on Easter Sunday, Logan and I were playing corn-hole. Just the two of us with miniature game boards and little bags. Logan was winning. 3-0, 7-0, 9-0, 13-0 and Logan was announcing and keeping score. He then turns to me and says "MiMi, you're gonna have to keep track of your own score". I have to admit I was almost done with my 2nd Sangria and I lost it. I was laughing soooo hard at what he said. He looks at me as serious as can be and asks "why are you laughing"? I said "because I have no score to keep track of". It was a funny moment I won't soon forget. THAT conversation will definitely go into my PL or Journal of some sort.

So, Eric and Jess had to work Monday and Tuesday soooo, Paul and I had Logan and Emmy for those days all to ourselves! We made sure we got a hotel with a heated indoor pool, The Hilton Garden Inn in Chesapeake.

Canon ball time! On your mark, get set...
I asked Emmy if she's every built a bear. Nope, she hadn't so our next stop was Build-A-Bear at the mall. 

I asked Emmy if she'd like to dress her. They had hundreds of outfits, anywhere from bathing suits to cowgirl dresses. Emmy said no. She wanted to feel her bear's softness. She did get her bear a headband and shoes. 

Meet Sylvia
While Emmy and I were at Build-A-Bear, Paul took Logan somewhere and got him some Hex battle spiders. I don't even know what they're called but we had lots of fun playing with them later. 

We took them to a park called Trashmore. Now this park was once a dump. They covered it with soil and it's now a gorgeous park! 

Paul playing catch with Emmy.

Logan playing with his remote control car.

W had a wonderful time and it was soooo good to spend time with Logan and Emmy. As always...

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