Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Run Val, Run!

Yep. We're running again. It's funny how I get on a roll and then all of a sudden, poof! Part of my reason for quitting running was I started back up last spring with my neighbor and she tore her meniscus early in the fall. And so I was by myself. What a pathetic excuse. Not a reason-an excuse! But that's sad because I truly like to run. It makes me feel good, not only physically but I feel good "about" myself. I've accomplished something.
I ran Saturday and then again yesterday. It was blustery day yesterday but mild temps, around 48. I like to run at the park down the street. Sometimes they have the fountain going in the pond and with the ducks and geese, it's very pretty.

Paul likes to run around our neighborhood because he's a "people" person. Likes to see who's running and wave and say hi. I'm more of a soak up nature person. And he runs before the sun comes up so he avoids traffic. By the time I get out there, usually at sunrise, I have to run on the sidewalk if I'm running around the neighborhood because the roads are narrow and everyone is heading to work between 6:30-7:00.
So, I believe I need to run everyday. I know-I know! Everyone thinks you need a day in between to rest. Well you do if you're lifting weights for sure. But running? I've read quite a few blogs and articles of people who run daily. I think it would help me be more consistent.
So, as I write this I'm waiting to hear from Home Depot. Once I hear from them what time they're coming to measure the basement, I'll be off and running. Good for me!!

As always...

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  1. Hey Val! Just stopping by to say hi and see what cha been up to. So glad to hear you are running again. I know you love it and I understand stopping for a while. But when it is your passion you get back to it when you are ready. I need to remember this too. :)