Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas time is here...

I saw this video on Facebook (damn I need to get off of there, sucking up my days like no tomorrow), and fell in love with this girl and her dog..

Daniela Andrade just beautiful, don't you think?

This past weekend was a blast! Eric, Jess and the kids came in from Virginia and Jenn and Dan from Waterville and it made for a VERY festive weekend. Friday night we went to the movies and saw Star Wars...LOVED IT!

Here we're practicing with the selfie stick. Never did get a picture of all of us with Emmy, Logan and Jessie.
Saturday we decorated the cookies I had baked the day before...

We then went to Sue's house for our annual lasagna meal and then we play a white elephant game afterwards.

Barb, Paul, Sue & Bobby
Grands...grand kids, grand parents and great grand parents
Paul's sister Barb had asked me if I wanted her to take a family picture of us and I said no, that's okay. What was I thinking? Oh well. Next time we're all together we will.
It was a lot of fun. We planned on opening presents and having our family gift exchange after we got home, but first we had to drive Paul's mom home and then his aunt. Whew what a hectic time it was. It's okay though. I think next year we might open presents differently as a lot of us missed what others were opening.
Scratching off lottery tickets
Notice not one picture? I was playing Santa and having a hard time with Emmy and Logan wanting to play too. Anyway, after opening presents we headed downstairs to shoot some pool. I can't believe both Friday and Saturday Paul and I didn't get to bed before 2 am!! Sunday we were zombies but it was worth it!

Eric taking a shot
I took this pic after the laughter had died down, but still it's good to laugh til your stomach hurts!!
So after many years, Jenn found the text messages between the two of us that at one time had us in tears with laughter. We both suffer from feet and leg cramps in the middle of the night.
I'm the one texting on the left...

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