Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas,

Everywhere you go. And our house included. Now last year I decorated really early because I was so depressed that the grands weren't here, so we got started in late October. But this year, I heard from a couple of my kids who were complaining that the stores were getting Christmas stuff too early and that anytime before Thanksgiving was too early. So, I went along with them and we didn't get started until after Thanksgiving. Hmmm. I'm not too keen on this idea. 1. because I have over a 150 ornaments that we've collected for the last 40 years. 2. I have a lot of decorating I like to do. 3. I don't like to feel rushed and this year I really felt rushed. 4. I am making my kids something for Christmas and I get a little panicky when I have to stop what I'm doing and decorate, knowing these have to be done by the 19th.  I know, whaaaaaaaa! You just want to call the whaaaaambulance, don't ya?
So anyway, here's a few pics of our decked out house. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Many years ago, Paul's aunt Gert gave me a bunch of sprigs of greenery she used to use above her kitchen cabinets. I decided to copy an idea I found on Pinterest and put them on the stairs. 

Our tree in the study. Complete with Toby in his favorite spot on the treeskirt. 
I love this little teal and silver tree by the stairs. 
I've searched all season for a tree skirt to fit this tree. I need one no larger than 40". Well, I could not find one anywhere so I decided to buy some felt and some fur trim and make one myself...

First I cut out a circle. This one is 37" because that's how wide the material came. I then cut the slit and the hole at the top to fit around the tree and hot clued some Velcro. Did I mention I LOVE my little hot glue gun? 

I then added the fur trim with my hot glue gun..

And, voila!!
Don't look at the little specks. I got some sparkles on my phone lens...ugh! 
Not bad eh?

All summer long I had this really cool pitcher I found at At Home that I put on my island. I had it filled with sunflowers. I absolutely adore this thing! So, I searched on (you guessed it) Pinterest and found this really cute idea to be able to keep it around during the holidays.

I really had fun with this. I put a bow on either side since it's in the middle of the island..why not, right? 
Last year I got a picture frame from Paul's brother and his fiance for Christmas. Well, I love the frame and I knew I had the perfect picture for it. It's a picture of the kids and their cousins from about 29-30 years ago all on Santa's lap. There was a bit of a problem...

I literally could not stand the blue background. I thought it stood out like a sore thumb and took away from the picture and frame. So, I google how to turn the background of a picture to a different color and...

TaDa!!! Now it just blends in since the boot is red too. I love it! And now, I gotta get those Christmas presents I'm making done.

As always...

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  1. Your home is very festive - I love it!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.