Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

We had a few friends over last night and it was a great night filled with laughter and fun! Our friends Helen & Chuck came over and so did Barb and Joe. Although neither couple stayed very long, it was SO good to see them.
Steve, Brandy, her parents Denise and Mike, her grandma Shelby and later her sister Holly came over and stayed the duration!

We got the dart board up and ready!

Notice the white board on the bottom? Yea, that was put up after my second attempt to throw a dart and it landed in the wall. Oh well, the whole wall will be eventually filled with corks.

Practicing with poppers
Waiting as the countdown continues...

 Like I said, it was a great fun-filled night! These last couple of pics were taken by Denise and I'm so glad she captured some confetti! Those poppers were a blast (literally) and we will definitely have them next year!

As for the new year, the new and final season of Downton Abbey starts on Sunday :(. I'm very sad that it's coming to an end after 6 seasons. But, Bev and I are throwing a Downton Premier Tea on Sunday. I was trying to think of something British to make without going through all the trouble of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. If you remember late last summer when Paul and I went to the U.K. we stopped in a pub in Liverpool and I got to have some Welsh Rarebit. My mom NEVER made it that way although it was always delicious when she made it. I had purchased a couple of calendars while we were in Wales and one was a recipe calendar. Some of their stuff is way too bizarre for me, one reason is I don't cook with lard and another is I don't have a lot of the ingredients they call for. But I do for the Welsh Rarebit recipe. So after making a couple of slices for brunch today, this is my British dish for Sunday...

I had cut my piece before taking the pic but just imagine biting into all that cheese! 

quintessential savoury dish for a high tea..oh yea! 

So, needless to say I do have a few affirmations or resolutions for 2016.

One is to concentrate on getting healthy and in shape. After working out with the Beach Body program 21 day Fix Extreme for a few months and really getting into the groove, I plan on getting back into running. I really miss it but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate it in. I will though.

I'm finishing up my Project Life for 2015 and I'm looking forward to actually setting aside time each Sunday to work on 2016. Otherwise I get far behind and with the amount of photos I take, that's not a good thing. I haven't even finished past May. With setting aside a specific time to play in my scrap-room each Sunday, I should be able to keep up.

I hope to write in my journals and blog more consistently. Perhaps set aside a certain time to do these. I bought a daily journal with questions so that shouldn't be a problem for the journaling part.

I'm sure I'll come up with more and more resolutions. But for now these are good. As always....

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