Sunday, January 10, 2016

Project Life Title Page 2016

Well it's one week into the new year! I've been looking forward to Sunday all week because I made a promise to myself, Sunday's are for church and scrapbooking only! I did help Paul with the village under the tree and we're logging all our Hallmark Ornaments into a spreadsheet (which we did back in '08 I believe) which needs updating. So, I came up into my craft room at about 1:00 in the afternoon and managed to get my title page done for 2016. I really love the simplicity of it...

I found this quote here: pspleasesendchocolate.blogspot. 

I found this quote online and changed a few words to we and us.

The paper I used is from Project Life Picturesque Core Kit. I'm really having fun! Although my pages are by the month, I'm working on my albums weekly to stay caught up. Doing a whole month on the last day of the month or 1st day of the following month has not been working for me.

As always...


  1. Happy New Years! I like this page too. The calm grey colors are nice and the salute to the new year sounds like you plan to make it special. Go girl! :)

  2. I love this page! Simple and beautiful. Those quotes are wonderful. I can't wait to see your album progress.