Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Good morning,

You may be wondering what WILW means. Well, my friend Jen over on her blog It's My Life-Jen links up for "What I'm Lovin' Wednesday" to another blog (I know, how many blogs are there right?). I thought, how cool? I want to be a part of that!! So, I set up a link on my blog and started to type away. You'll notice a tag on the right with a link to WILW.

So, what I'm lovin' this Wednesday...

the chance to spend time with two of my favorite peeps! We went to a Soup Cook-Off at the senior center complex I volunteer at. It was a lot of fun. 6 different soups!

Me, Bev and Aunt Donna. Look how cute this hoedown table setting is! 

trying to be brave (bless his heart, he's such a chicken shit) while I run the vacuum, didn't last long though even though he tried.

My beautiful orchid is blooming. Another one is going to soon and I'll post a pic when it does.

I'm knitting a hat for my great niece and trying to figure out how to make a leafy vine. I did eventually figure it out after using two books and my ipad..

Yes, amazing Amazon..I love thee!!

My Happy Planner is arriving today!!!

I love the new choice of background color for Office 365...oooh, black! So easy on the eyes. Love-Love-Love!
A Godwink is one of those little coincidences that makes you say two things: 'Wow, what are the odds of that?'; and 'I wonder, is that coincidence evidence of divine origin?'"
So, I started a 365 a day penny saver journey. I've always dumped my change into a jar at the end of the day so I thought it would be cool to add a penny each day for a year. Typically, you'd start on January 1 with a penny then on January 2nd you'd put in two pennies and so forth. I being me, (and thanks to Paul who knows me all too well) know that come October, November I'm NOT going to want to be putting $20 a week in my penny jar, so I started from day 365 or $3.65 a day and I'm counting backwards. So far it's going great! I still dump any extra change I have, since I know I'll probably want to spend it come October, November time frame and not wait until January. This way I'll have close to the $677! How cool is that? Know what else is cool? I was to put $3.12 in my jar the other day. I only had a 1 dollar bill and change. 

And that change added up to $2.12!! I LOVE it when that happens! Happens a lot to me. Maybe I should delve a little deeper into Godwinks :)

I know there's a lot I'm loving this Wednesday and you know what? THAT'S A GOOD THING! It's like counting your blessings for piddly stuff. I'm typing this with a smile on my face. Can't wait to see what I'm lovin' next Wednesday :)

As always...

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  1. Thanks for telling us what "WILW" means! I had no idea either. LOL! You had a nice list. I especially thought poor Toby was cute. I hope he is ok now! LOL!