Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hello April!!

It's been a busy week. We went to see the grands in Virginia Beach and I caught a cold or something on Saturday. Needless to say I was sicker than a dog on Easter Sunday and we didn't go to my daughter in law's sisters house so we didn't get to see the kids hunt for eggs. We did get to watch them look for some around the house that morning so that was nice.

We arrived on Friday night and here's some pics of our trip...

Saturday morning we colored eggs

Saturday afternoon we went to Busch Gardens

While Paul, Emmy, Eric & Jess rode a roller coaster, Logan and I went to the arcade. This kid made out! The little pink pig was a win for Emmy.

Easter morning the kids enjoyed their baskets full of goodies and what grandparents don't get their grands some crude and funny stuff?

Toilet bowls with silly putty that makes fart sounds!

A game of chance. Spin the spinner and then pick a jelly bean hoping it tastes good LOL!

Eric got one that tasted like skunk spray....ewww!
So Monday and Tuesday Eric & Jess went to work and Paul and I got Logan and Emmy to ourselves. We went to the movies and saw Zootopia (second time for all except Paul). It's a cute and funny movie about a bunny cop. In one scene she uses her iPhone flashlight and instead of an apple on the back of the phone, there's a carrot! Too cute.

We went to Mount Trashmore park and the kids got to fly their little copter things we got them for Easter..

We also took them to play Putt-Putt...

All in all it was a great time, except I'M STILL SICK :( I really hope Logan and Emmy don't get it and since it's been a week, if they don't have it by now I don't think they will.

I'm hoping to write more in a few days. Just not feeling well. Take care and as always...

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  1. Feel better soon!!!!
    That looks like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures.