Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Hi ya'll,

Check out the link on the right, WILW would ya? Here's some things I'm lovin' this Wednesday...

1. My hubby!

 He's taken such good care of me for the last week and half. I've been feeling so sick, with sore throat one day, headache and stuffed head and tiredness the next, ear aches, name it! He's ALWAYS been there for me but he deserves a big shout out! I LOVE HIM!!

2. Our veterinarian! Dr. Julie Letosky

My poor Winston has been suffering with a benign tumor on his rear-end and horrible breath. Well he turns 14 this Saturday and Paul and I have been struggling with having him go under general anesthetic so we've been reluctant, but Dr. Letosky helped put our minds at ease. She did a fabulous job and also removed 3 warts that he had. She just took out his stitches on Monday and you don't even see the old wart that was on his nose. Also, she didn't overcharge us for fact it all came to less than what we thought! She's the best! 

3. New postcards arrived from my exchange. I'm really enjoying this correspondence with people from all over the world. When I get a postcard in the mail, it just makes my day! 

From China

China back
Czech Republic
Czech Republic back
Hamburg back
Cancun back
Germany back

4. I found this very cool app called 1SE "1 Second Everyday". I watched the video and I was fascinated by it! You take a little video snippet of your day...everyday. Then at the end of the month, you can watch a 30 second video of your life for that month! How cool is that? 
So I tried it and here are my snippets for March....

I'm still not feeling well, maybe 65%. So although there's lots to love right now, I'm going to leave it at these. As always...

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  1. I'm glad you're starting to feel better!!!!! Keep resting. Those postcards are AWESOME!