Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vacation with the grands...Part II - Pool time, family time and the zoo

Welcome back.
We got home from camping on Thursday and after settling in at home and unpacking etc., Friday Paul went to work and I took the kids to the pool. We have an amazing pool in our city that just opened 2 years ago. I haven't been there yet so this was my opportunity to see it (I have a pool in my subdivision without slides for old people like me haha). Needless to say, with the temps in 90's it was the perfect day for it!

These two are ready!

Crossing this, what I call a monkey bridge, isn't as easy as it looks. I watched a couple of kids give up after falling into the water. It may be the family competitiveness in them LOL. Emmy is up first..

Jenn and Dan came to visit and Sunday was Dory's birthday so we all went to wish her a Happy Birthday at the assisted living where she lives. We brought her some balloons and cards. She didn't remember Jenn and later that day she didn't remember who brought her the balloons, but that's okay. We brightened her day and that's what birthdays and family are all about.

We then headed to the zoo. At first we were rushing around because we got there in the afternoon and the brochure indicated they close at 5:00. Later found out they don't close until 7:00. Rushing around in the heat is no fun!

There's something about this family-sticking out tongues and...
Emmy's flip-flop blew out so Dan was kind enough to carry her around some.

As always...

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  1. Wow, that is a super cool city pool! I know they had a ball. Great seeing you and your fam enjoying the Summer. Have a nice weekend!