Thursday, August 25, 2016

All kinds of crazy!

That's what my life has been like the last few weeks. Trying to get things done for Jenn and Dan's wedding coming up on September 4th and helping her get through some tough feelings she's having about her friends and grandparents not being able to come. It's been crazy!

So back in April, my sister Wendy and I decided to buy each other tickets for our birthdays (mine June 11th, hers June 6th) to see Paul McCartney in concert. I took lots of pictures and videos and for some reason the speaker on my phone was screwed up big time and he sounds awful. I'm just glad it wasn't my camera on my phone. Anyway, I did take my phone to the store and they cleaned it thinking that might be the problem. For a while my speaker wasn't working at all. Maybe all that good music fried it! We used uber for the first fun! We almost had to because downtown Cleveland was a mad house what with the Browns playing, the Indians playing and Sir Paul in concert! It was nice not to have to look for parking, he dropped us off right at the door.

Paul McCartney August 18th

We got matching shirts because we both liked them. I know, I'm always chewing gum.

So here's a little video to give you an idea but remember he sounded A LOT better than this...

I wanted to put the video "Maybe I'm Amazed" but the sound was too bad, so sad. 

Mail Pouch Saloon August 19th

So that was Thursday night. Friday we went to Jenn's to help with wedding stuff. They took us to a place to eat that was right up my alley! It was called "The Mail Pouch Saloon"! I mean really?? I have a whole collection of photos of nothing but Mail Pouch barns. 
Here's one...

How cool is this??

Here we are outside. Wanted to get the sign but it was too bright.
We stayed the night and got some things done on Saturday. We brought the chair ties we made. The venue has green ugly chairs and Jenn was trying so hard to figure out a way to dress them up without having to buy chair covers or rent different chairs. So, Paul and I cut 120 pieces of muslin and he cut the jute and I made a couple hundred linen flowers and glued on buttons. I got a Cricut Explore Air for my birthday and all I've done so far is make the card that came with it. So, this gave me a chance to really spend some time with my new toy. We girls are going to tie them to the chairs on the morning of her wedding before heading off to get pre-wedding girly stuff done.

Pretty damn good if I may say so myself

So Paul and I stayed until 2:30 or so and then we headed back to the Cleveland area to go to an Indians game. 

They lost :(
Don't know if you remember but last year I spotted these plants and the name "Lil' Kim" is the reason I bought them. In memory of my little sis.

They're blooming!!

Warms my heart! 

Paul and I had our 41st Wedding Anniversay on the 16th and my friend Helen bought us this card. Too cute!! The inside reads: 
On the road of life, it's not where you go, but who's by your side that makes the difference. I say Amen to that! 

I've been putting off getting my nails done because I'm having them done with the bridal party next weekend. Sheesh, I have claws! 

Not sure I can hold off another week!
So we found out that Paul's step sister Amy, has late stage 3 breast cancer. Bless her heart. So, Dawn decided to have a party for her. Kind of a "we support you" party and I'm making her a little gift. I'll post pics after the party Saturday. Tomorrow I head to Jenns again to hopefully get the last few details of her wedding done. She really wants to just spend the rest of the week cleaning etc.

I WILL post about the last of our vacation time with the grands soon. As always...

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  1. Whew! And you made it to the other side of the wedding. ;) Praying for Paul's step sister. And Paul McCartney - you lucky gal!