Thursday, October 6, 2016

This and That...

Well I missed WILW yesterday. Things were kind of hectic being Paul's birthday and I worked. Turned out to be a beautiful day..just like today!

So, this past week I finished my shawl. OH MY I'M IN LOVE!!

It's so soft.

I used a new recipe for dinner one night and it turned out YUMMY! The only thing I changed was I used quinoa instead of rice. Next time I'll cut the green peppers into larger chunks too.

The weather got a little chilly so I got to wear some socks from Christmas last year that I love!

I counted ALL my change that I've been saving and started over again. This time instead of starting on January 1 with $3.65 and ending on October 1, I started October 1 with .01. I will save this time for a year. Oh, I see an Apple Watch in my very near future :)

I think I've forgotten to post my postcards I've received over the last couple of months. I've got some really nice ones...

This one from Hamburg is one of my favorites as it's hand drawn and painted!...


Hong Kong

Now this is funny..He writes "I wish you all the best and NOT D. Trump for president" LOL!... 

This postcard from Russia is gorgeous!....


This postcard from Poland has to be my favorite. The young lady read my profile and sent me a postcard of one of the things I love..DOORS. Yes, I love this postcard...


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  1. Oh didn't your shawl turn out great! WOW! It looks like you could of bought it from cute boutique. So lovely!