Friday, October 21, 2016


Happy Friday morning!

It's raining buckets here in N.E. Ohio! What a yukky day. Paul and I both have the day off to help get ready for our annual Halloween Party we co-host with Joe & Di. I wanted to walk with Lydia this morning but I don't like walking in the rain when it's below 60, I just feel that's a cold waiting to happen. So, hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow and we can get our 4 miles in.

I've been craving (to put it mildly) to play in my scraproom. I shouldn't leave my Project Life album open, waiting to be worked on on my table just calling me!!

So I decided to make a little holder for one of the prizes at our party. Di and I made gift buckets and one has a gift card to Regal Cinemas, some popcorn, Milk Duds, Goobers, Sno-Caps, Whoppers etc. and I printed a Redbox gift certificate. Well, I got to play in my scraproom after all and I made this fun holder for it..I couldn't just put it in the bucket without dressing it up a bit!

I also made my fascinator (hat) for my costume...which I LOVE!!

The handcuffs make it a bit heavy and I'll have to hold onto it when I bend over for anything because it will fall off being top heavy. Everything is attached to a headband. I just LOVE it though! 

Diane found a really cool bat. This guy is going to go in the garage off to the side to scare the shit out of people as they walk by!

Here's a couple of decorations

More photos to come after the party. 

Lydia and I had a nice walk on Wednesday and we decided to go to the park again. This time we waited until they opened. 

This months Bunco I was a co-host and decided to make these delicious looking caramel dipped grapes.. 

Don't they look scrumptious? They aren't mine. Mine turned into an epic fail..

I did not know you were suppose to hold them up in place. Obviously! So I went on to dip them in the Candi Quick coating and they were soooo hard to chew with the caramel, I decide to just use the Candy coating. Those turned out pretty tasty..

Not pretty but tasty. 

Last Saturday evening it was cool enough to have a fire in the pit and we roasted hotdogs..I LOVE hotdogs on the open fire..I know, I say it every time LOL! 

That's it for now. Stay tuned for after Halloween Party post early next week. As always..

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