Thursday, January 9, 2020

The root canal and knitting etc...


So, how's it going? It's officially the second week in January I guess and I still haven't gotten all the Christmas stuff put away. Well, most of it is anyway. Still working on the big tree in the living and have one more tree down in the basement.

I'm looking forward to documenting this year again with Project Life. I still have to get caught up with the last couple of years (like every year I say that!), but the process is fun!

So, I had my appointment with the Endo doctor. Cute, young thing. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, being so young. He attempted the root canal and because of how infected it was, he had to fill it and I have to go back on the 24th for him to complete it. He did a lot of drilling and I think he cleaned out most of it but just couldn't do the final step. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

I had the root canal on Friday. Saturday I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it. I called their office and talked to the doctor on call. My dentist had prescribed Vicodin the week before and some Penicillin. So I explained how much pain I was in and could he prescribe me some more pain meds. He was a bit snippy. I started to read the bottle of what I was prescribed and he says "I KNOW WHAT VICODIN IS". Well, I explained that I didn't know if maybe there were different types or strengths etc. 😒 He said, "well you do know I can't prescribe over the phone or electronically because of the addiction epidemic". Yes I do know and I'm sorry. So we agreed to meet at their office and he also gave me a prescription for prednisone.
So the next day Paul asked if I called their office to thank him for meeting us on a Saturday LOL! I said no, he was a dick!

On a happier note, I finished a pair of socks. These were a pain. Only because (if you knit you'll understand) the first stitch of every row was either a purl or slip purlwise. I'm glad they're done and I do like them a lot.

I went to the yarn shop and found the perfect stemless wine glass for me..I LOVE IT!!

Alright folks, thanks for tuning in! See ya next time 😊

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