Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hello Mid January..


Now that all the Christmas decorations are stored away and we're feeling back to normal, I'm enjoying some things I haven't seen in a couple of months. One being this really cute scent warmer I got from Wendy.

Isn't it cute?!

I bought a couple of things from ED (Ellen DeGeneres) when she had an awesome sale. 40% off this sweater and a cute pair of socks. This sweater has a tiny bit of cashmere in it..I don't have anything with cashmere, I'm thrilled.

So, I bought some gorgeous yarn at a Fiber Art Show last summer. Paul was such a sweetheart to go with me. I love the yarn but I'm finding it hard to come up with a pattern that suits it.

I tried a cowl and it was just knit and purl, around and around and around. Ugh!! I didn't like it all all..so I took it apart. I found a beautiful scarf pattern with beads and cables. I won't be bored with it that's for sure!
I started it last night. These beads dangling are stitch markers, not the beads I'm adding. 😉

For part of my Christmas present, Bev took me to the "Elvis Birthday Tribute" last Sunday. We met at Kelly's house and Bev had this spread, some of which were Elvis's favorites..

This baked Brie was amazing!!
She had little gift bags with a picture of her with each of us. Then trivia questions and we could pick an envelope..
Can Lisa get any cuter?!
Joanie LOVES lotto tickets! She's so sweet. She texts me "good morning" EVERY DAY! 💕
Inside our favorite theater in Playhouse Square, Connor Palace.

Bev is such a goof!! She brought this Elvis hat 😂

We didn't recognize any of the songs in the 2nd half so we left early and just happened to run into one of the Elvis's! 
Switching gears here, Toby, after 16 1/2 years has decided he wants to drink out of the faucet. Bless his heart, he has hypothyroidism and has to have medication every day. He's super thin because of it but he's happy. That's all that matters! 

Lydia and I went to the local college last Monday to sign up to use their indoor walking/running track. After that damn root canal and before that I had tendinitis in my leg (the chiropractor fixed me up after weeks of therapy), I can't wait to exercise! You don't realize how much you miss it until you CAN'T do it. 2 years ago Lydia and I were up to walking 4.5 miles a day. We're waiting to hear from LCCC with our ID numbers and then we'll start walking. 
I did start Beach Body's 21 Day Fix yesterday. I'm determined to complete the 21 days this time, then I want to do LIIFT 4 and my ultimate goal is to do 80 Day Obsession. I have to be in better shape for that one though. 
It felt soooo good to workout again!

 Well, if you've stuck with my ramblings today, this cat lady is leaving you with a funny..

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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