Saturday, February 8, 2020


Happy February!

It's snowing right now and 30ᐤ. I swear I think I've only seen the sun twice since Christmas!! It really sucks, brrrr..

My driveway until Paul gets home (he won't let me touch the snow blower).

The cold and snow does give me time to putter about the house. I managed to organize all my socks. When I say "all" my socks...I have a lot! I have regular, dressy, knee, running, no show, hand knit, ankle, blah, blah, blah all stuffed in a drawer in the closet. So, this is the start of cleaning out my closet...

Here's some.
The sock organizer I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond and now my socks are in my dresser instead of the closet, yay! 
It's working but I do need another organizer since I took up 2 drawers. At least they're organized!

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post that I found the perfect scarf to knit with the yarn I got at the Fiber Arts Show last summer? Wrong. That one sucked too. So, I actually found a little scarf called "Favorite-Scarf-Ever". It is super easy with some different stitches (slip two, k1 and psso) so it's keeping my interest without being annoying. And, I found a spot in the pattern to add beads to it.

It's soooo soft.
I got Logan and Emmy's school pics! I bought some magnet sheets at Walmart so I can put them on the fridge. I'll also enlarge them to put in a frame on the wall going up the stairs. This year I added a photo of Elliott and put a magnet on the back of that one too. Now I have all three!!

And the wall needed some updating. I still have more to update but it's a start..

 The last few days it's been REALLY cold!! Bentley has found the perfect "warm me up" spot in the bathroom... 😂

Toby after 16 1/2 years has decided he wants to drink from the faucet. Bless his heart, it's getting harder for him to jump up on the counter. There is a bench for him close by though.

Keeping me company while I knit. I love him so much!
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in my craft room working on January PL.

I got a page done which will be an insert.
I've started buying and using some cruelty free/vegan products. Most of my skin and hair care items I replaced last week. I've been waiting and waiting to finish a plastic jug of detergent so I can try the new Dropps I bought months ago. Well, I finally finished the jug and washed a load of towels. They came out great! Smelled good too.

Speaking of laundry...if you'd read my whole post, thank you for sticking with me and my ramblings of my daily life. I'll leave you with this describes me perfectly!!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love dreary snowy days almost as much as rainy days !