Saturday, August 15, 2020

It's the little things (and big)

 The little things...

It was back in April, all of a sudden my gold chain with little hearts on it that Paul bought me about 30 years ago, broke 😢. 

I was so sad. And grateful though that it happened in front of me and I didn't lose it somewhere. Of course being April everywhere was shut down. So I took it to a jewelry store this past Wednesday and they called me today to say it was fixed. Only $15 and I have one of my most prized possessions back. I'm thrilled. 

I love this online store..Buddha Groove and recently purchased a set of earrings. They are so pretty..

I finished a little sweater I knitted for Lottie. I hated the pattern. Originally it was for 0-3 months. A lady had altered the pattern to fit 12-18 months. I used that pattern as a test and it was too small for her in the arms. So when I made this one I made a lot larger. It's still too tight. I think I'll stick with shawls, blankets, scarves, hats and socks. 

And some big things...

Jenn and Dan did a FaceTime gender reveal. IT WAS SO EXCITING!!! 

I got a new car!!! I am in love 💓. It's a Hyundai Palisade Limited. 

Yesterday I went and got the two front windows tinted. Having a police officer for a daughter is intimidating in that process. I feel I want to go back and get the 4 a shade darker LOL. 

Paul saw a raccoon in our yard with what looked like a beat up face. He thinks it may have gotten in a fight or something. I called Avon's finest and they sent an officer right out. He took it in the back (away from any kids) and shot it. He then took it away. Poor thing. 


I'll leave you with some signs of the times funnies...

and this one? You got that right..

As always...thanks for stopping by..

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  1. I love your new car! Congrats! I especially like the light colored interior. My car has black leather interior and it gets so hot in the summer. That little watermelon dress you knitted is so adorable.