Thursday, August 13, 2020

Thankful Thursday!


Long time no May? A lot has happened but it's Thursday and there's so much I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for my hubby and kids whom without I'd surely be nuts (or nuttier) by now with this pandemic. 

I'm thankful for Face-Time because I get to see Elliott whenever Jenn or Dan are home for breakfast. 

I'm thankful for my friends who love me enough to text me every morning (Thanks Joanie) and bring me things like fresh tomatoes from their yard (thanks Bev).  

The fact that hair grows back...

I love that Persnickety Prints is creating and making available Coronavirus Timelines for FREE!

I'm thankful that my nail salon is back up and running and I mustered up the nerve to go.

I'm thankful for memes..they really do help bring a bit of humor in this bleak time! 

As always,
thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It is so good to have a grateful heart. I'm with you too about Kamala Harris, I can't wait to see her debate Pence - that will be one for the record books.