Sunday, November 26, 2023

Christmas Village


Christmas, well, the whole month of December is going to be very different from years past since the kids are living with us. 

We bought a new dining room table and it's beautiful but huge and there really isn't a lot of room to put the long tables I usually use for the village in there. So this year I opted to use the bakers rack that sits in the dining room as the base. I'm not gonna lie, Paul and I both like it better for the village. I just have to find new homes for things that used to live on there during the holidays, like my Father Christmas ornaments. 

Here is the new setup for the village. There was only 1 item that didn't fit and that was the broken down car in the snow. Maybe I'll find a place for it next near. For now, this is done 😊 

Christmas Village video.

I may add more snow especially around the buildings and some trees NEXT YEAR. I'm also not sure I LOVE the Christmas wrapping paper for the background. I've been thinking maybe a white sheet with some light blue snow drifts painted on might be nice. We'll see next year, but like I said, today it is done. Now to finish up more decorating. 

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