Wednesday, January 17, 2024



It's still January so I figure it's still appropriate to say Happy New Year. 

Jenn & Dan's house is almost done! I think just a couple more weeks and they'll be moving in. It's gorgeous and I know they'll be happy there for a very long time. And us? We're thrilled they're going to be living so close and the other day when they went over to look at it, Ethan and Elliott were excited to look out their bedroom windows and be able to see MiMi & Papa's house! 💓

Christmas was..WONDERFUL! Eric, Logan, Emmy and Eric's girlfriend Angela came from Williamsburg on Tuesday and Steve & Laureen came on Wednesday which was when we celebrated. My favorite holiday and once again it was so wonderful to have all my kids home 💝

As the New Year came, I realized in the first week that I hadn't even purchased my album to document my 2024 Project Life in, so I made a run to Hobby Lobby (😝 not my favorite craft store). They're the only place in my area who carry the 12x12 3 ring albums. I do love it though. 

Modern farmhouse 

I made my title page which I'm very happy with. 

So, as most years I'm going to try and stay caught up. I am journaling more so that will definitely help tell my stories. 

I have to show this cute card I got in an order from Paper Issues. Cassie always sends a little cute note or card. 

And, yesterday was Ethan's 3rd birthday. Since my blog is public I was asked by Jenn not to post pics of her kids (hence why their faces are smudged out above) so I can't share photos but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! 

As always,

thanks for stopping by. 

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