Friday, April 8, 2011

You can't go back in time

I found this great photo of Mom and Mac when I was going through photos that got damaged in the basement flood.
I think it was taken about 20 years ago. Definitely happier times..or just maybe younger. Mac is still in ICU and I don't see him getting into a regular room for a while. Since he had the breathing tube in for so long, he know has trouble swallowing. They were going to work on that today and run some tests but he was too tired. So, they'll do the tests on Monday.

Mom is so different from what I remember just a short time ago. Since she got to the nursing home, she's been in a wheelchair and actually strapped in, which pisses us (the kids) off. In the beginning, they said she'll go through physical therapy and then when she's strong enough, they'll have her use a walker, which was all bullshit. She was using a cane at home. So, she keeps trying to get up and can't. She doesn't understand why they won't let her walk around and I can imagine how frustrated she is to go from walking with a cane to confined to a wheelchair.
Then there's the hearing aid issue. Mom's hearing aid is broken, therefore she can't hear. Wendy found some amplifying headphones online and we thought that might work. When I talked to Administrator, Lisa Robinson the other day, she told me many of the residents had those and she thought it would be a good idea for mom. She also thought they might have a pair there we could purchase. Of course I never did hear back from her so I called and was put in touch with the social worker, Miss Simmons. She told me she would check into it but that she knew they could be purchased at Radio Shak. Wendy is in MS and today she looked at Radio Shak and saw none. She talked to Miss Simmons and was told that they tried to get mom to use them and she refused. 
Recently mom got moved into a much smaller room in the older section of the building. Every time I called to talk to her, they said someone would have to go down and bring her closer to the desk because the cordless didn't get good reception that far away. Kim tells me the other day she was in mom's room waiting for her while she was in PT, and a nurse came in to clean up and was talking on the cordless the whole time. So, today Wendy mentioned it to the social worker and was told that whenever they give mom the phone she doesn't know what to do with it and it lands up in her lap. Okay..really? No one has 5 minutes to stand there and help her talk to her daughter who is 1,000 miles away so they come with another bullshit story about the reception not being good?
This room is suppose to be temporary and I hope that Lisa Robinson isn't lying about that.
Mom only has a couple of personal items left in her room. They confiscated everything.  Last week she tried putting Fixadent in her eyes and was lighting crayons with a lighter and then trying to apply it to her face. I tell heart is broken. This is not my mom. I do see what she's trying to do though. Since day 1 at that place (yes, it's now called "that place") they have neglected to put Fixadent in her dentures and she can't talk or eat without it. So, I know that's what she was trying to do but at the same time she wanted to look nice and put on some makeup...therefore she became confused.

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