Sunday, April 10, 2011

We had a visitor...

I was in the kitchen when Paul, trying to not be too loud, yelled to me in the kitchen to come right away into the sun-room and bring my camera. Just out one of the left windows was this gorgeous hawk
there's something in the talons

a mouse perhaps

He flew over to the top of the swing-set and that's where I got these shots. If I didn't have the damn strap tangled over the viewfinder, they might not have been so blurry.

Mac finally woke up last Tuesday. He's slowly coming around. They took the breathing tube out and now they're working on getting his throat clear and helping him swallow. He's had a feeding tube in for a few days now and they took that out yesterday. He's been sitting up in a chair and yesterday for the 1st time he walked with help.
Wendy left AL on Thursday and went to MS so she could visit mom for a couple of days before heading home. Our hope was that Mac was going to get out of ICU before this weekend and then we could meet in KY (Wendy on her way up here and me on my way to AL) and spend the night in a hotel before both heading out again the next day. As un-luck would have it, Mac is still in ICU so I'm just waiting to hear he's being moved into a room before going to help him. Selfish for me to say but I'm saying it anyway, now is not the perfect time for me to go. Nicole and Corey are coming to visit for about 4 days on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday I have the Assisted Living Appreciation Dinner and then on Saturday we're picking up our camper (and getting training on how to use it). Oh well. I just put on my big girl panties and suck it up. We do what we have to do for family and if I'm needed, I'll do what I can.

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