Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello NYC!

I got an email from a very good friend of mine, Helen, and she mentioned that she missed my blogging. Can you believe it? I was floored...and flattered that someone actually missed my blog. I need to free up some time so I can come and post...I have sooo much to talk about!
So, today I deleted my Facebook account. I didn't realize how much time is taken up with that thing. I mean I am SUCKED IN! I couldn't spend any time away from it! It reminded me of when I used to smoke. I would check Facebook, I'm thinking maybe once or twice an hour?? That's really bad! It was consuming me! I was getting fed up with my friends and acquaintances posting animal awareness stuff with abused animals etc. I mean REALLY?? Then I'd have to "hide" that post so I wouldn't have to look at it. Then Jenn's ex is "friends" with most of my family members! Another REALLY??  So, I've decided to concentrate more on blogging, Twitter and Instagram.

Paul and I took a little vacation to NYC. We had a lot of fun! Talk about different! We're so used to our little bland Ohio lives LOL. We did most of the touristy things; Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 911 Memorial, Central Park and my highlight was seeing Wicked (again) at the Gershwin Theater! Here's a few pics...

Inside the courtyard there is where John Lennon was killed. Manhattan near Central Park.

We used a Hop On-Hop Off double decker bus system they have. It's a huge money maker for the city and big convenience for tourists like us! There were probably 20 buses and you can get on and off every few blocks throughout the city.  Plus the tour guides were great and very knowledgeable about their city.

NY Cheesesteak sandwich - which sucked!
So I take a lot of pictures of food...always have, always will. It's just a thing of mine. Anyhoo, we did not have much in the way of good food in NY. We went to McGee's Pub where they filmed the show "How I Met Your Mother". Ugh, my sandwich was dry-dry-dry. I had to ask for some mayo and that still didn't help. Mr. Hero's is MUCH better. We went to Guy Ferrari's place "Guys American Kitchen". I ordered a rotisserie chicken and thought that's the way they cook it, not the way they present it! Anyway, that was my fault.

Cheesecake from Jr's was FABULOUS!! 

I did have one delicious meal and it was bacon wrapped shrimp with homemade potato salad. Don't even remember where we were but it was AMAZING!
I have such fond memories of Seinfeld! Bev and I used to have favorite shows that we'd incorporate tidbits of into our daily work life. Agents would come into our office and if they complained or gave us a hard time, we'd say (behind their backs) "NO SOUP FOR YOU" with the heavy accent! 
Those were good times and I had to get a picture of the Soup Nazi's spot. Super crowded so we didn't stick around but came back an hour later and they were closed. Apparently they were only open from 11-2 for lunch.

Very beautiful and emotional visit to one of the waterfall memorials where one of the twin towers resided. 
 We did not go into the museum. It was emotional enough (for me anyway), just seeing the memorial and reading some of the names inscribed. I didn't need to relive the whole horrific day by going into the museum. We did go down the street to a little building that was created by all the victims' surviving family members. That was really nice.

The new Tower is simply exquisite! On a sunny day it gleams!

And there she is!! 
Seeing the Statue of Liberty was also emotional for me. Not sure why but standing next to this American icon after only ever seeing it in movies or pictures, just really made me proud to be an American and got me a bit choked up. 
The Empire State Building
Taken from the top of Empire State Building. Notice the gorgeous tower (tallest one) in the background?

Paul helped me find a knitting shop. I really like to buy hand dyed yarn from out of town places.
I plan on making Christmas gifts with NYC yarn! 

I LOVE the Blacklist, and apparently so does NY!

One of my favorite places is Times Square. We were lucky we had a hotel just about a block away. Decided to check out Good Morning America one morning...
We went to Upper Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Wall Street, the Theater District, Soho, and all over. Did a lot of walking. I have to say that if smells could kill, I would have been dead. The smells in Time Square were revolting LOL.

On our last day we went to Central Park. It was nice but I think the reason is, WE MISSED GREENERY!! I really missed the grass and trees here in Ohio. To be honest, Paul and I both felt that if a New Yorker were to come to Ohio and spend an afternoon in the Metro Parks...they'd be blown away by the beauty!

I did take lots of pictures of buildings..I love intricate architecture, but I won't bore you anymore. As always....


  1. Hi Val, nice post. I'll look forward to hearing more about your life and times. I still have such fond memories from the scrapping years. Love, Lizzy, Norma

  2. That looks like a wonderful trip!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.
    And like your friend, I really enjoy your blog.