Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's another this and that...

We are so excited to have the stained glass put in above the french doors leading into the study. Originally my brother in law Harold, put a piece of wood above there. Well, I wanted glass to match the front door transom and it just so happens my friend and co-worker's husband does stained glass! So, essentially we hired him and he did a fantastic job!

The last couple of days have been super cold! It been snowing and we're expecting more snow soon. I'm going to take advantage of my Y membership and start running inside.

I've started decorating for Christmas early this year. Not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that Logan and Emmy aren't going to be here and therefore I won't be able to get into the holiday spirit or what. I don't want to wait until after Thanksgiving as I always feel so rushed. Wanting to shop for Christmas and knowing I want to set up the tree and decorate always stresses me out. So! I've started and it feels really good! I think I'm going to every year...just start after the Halloween party. Here's a couple of pics...

I hand painted all these nativity figures about 20 years ago. I never really had a place to set it up. It excites me to be able to display it, finally :)
No Toby! I WILL notice if you chew off the little pine cone! 
Toby thinks laying nonchalantly on the end of the sofa gives him rights to sprigs and branches within reach...NOT!

One of my pet peeves and I know we all have them, is people not turning left when the light turns yellow and therefore "hanging out" in the intersection!! I hate it! The other day I must have seen it 5 times and decided as I'm sitting there watching drivers struggle to get around this snap a pic!

C'mon people!! Learn how to drive LOL.

I hope you had a nice weekend. I'm heading to the Y!
As always....

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  1. I love the stained glass!!!!!!
    And you're getting so festive - I love it. I hope you'll keep sharing as you add decorations.