Thursday, November 13, 2014

Let's review a pair of Sketchers!

I've often said to myself "well that only rates a 4 in my book", or "if I gave a review of those, it would be fabulous..would recommend those to all my friends".

When we went on our NYC trip, I knew I wanted comfortable shoes but something not so beat up as my old running (turned into everyday wearing) tennis shoes! Something I could walk around in and still be nice enough to wear to Wicked. I found what I thought was the perfect thing...

I got this picture online because I'm too lazy to go downstairs and take a pic, then upload it to my computer. Anyhoo...the only difference in mine is they don't have the little hole in the heel. They ARE comfortable once you get them on. But that was the challenge, getting them on. You see the inside is made of a soft rubber. They (Sketchers) call it a yoga mat insole.

 Which is all fine and dandy but the surface isn't smooth so your sock literally doesn't slide in, it sticks!! Then you have to somehow get your fingers under your foot to smooth out your sock, otherwise you'd land up walking around with a creased sock underfoot...NOT GOOD! And why in hell did I not notice this in the store?? Because I was wearing sandals and tried them on with those little nylon footies!! Ugh! And, problem #2 is; since the Goga Mat doesn't give, it also doesn't breathe! No holes and rubber make for a mighty warm, sweaty, not happy environment.

BUT! Since they are cushiony (is that even a word?) and that makes them comfortable and puts a bit of bounce in my step, I've grown to like them. I bought a Dr. Scholl's shoe insert that BREATHES and it was pretty thin so now I can slip them on (with thin socks) and wear them all day in comfort. I just wish I had figured that our before our trip. But, live and learn right?

I rate them a 3 because no one should have to buy a breathable shoe insert when paying over $50 for shoes.

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