Friday, June 5, 2015

Long time no see!

Not sure if any of you would remember that phrase. It has been a really long time since I've blogged. And, a lot has happened during the last month and half. Not bad things mind you, just a lot. I'll try not to bore you or burden you with too many photos.

We took a trip to Virginia to see the grands for Easter. Loved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT! My heart aches for Logan and Emmy, but anyway..moving along. We got there just in time to color eggs. FUN!!


So, the next morning was Easter and the hunt was on...

We had a lovely day. We went to church where Jessie's sister's hubby is part of the band and I think her in-laws are affiliated somehow. It was a nice service.

We then headed over to Jessie's other sisters house for a big egg hunt with all the nieces, nephews and cousins.

We had a very nice ham dinner. Everyone was running around having a good time. Logan asked me if I'd play some corn hole with him. It was a kid sized board and wouldn't you know, I couldn't even get a bag on one of the boards, let alone get one in! The score was 7-0 Logan's favor. Then 9-0. Each time Logan would announce the score (he was the scorekeeper after all). It got to 13-0 and Logan says "Mimi, you're gonna have to keep track of your own score"! I just about died laughing! He looks at me with those sweet eyes and asks "why are you laughing so hard?". "Because I don't have a score to keep track of" I say. It's a story I'll never forget because it was just so typical of Logan.

I remember when he was 2, visiting Paul and I in California. We were taking Winston for a walk and Winston was digging and sniffing in the grass. I asked Winston, "whatcha doin' Buster Brown"? and Logan says "He's not brown Mimi, Winston's gray".

We made sure we got a hotel with a pool so we could play with the kids. Eric and Jessie worked Monday so we got them all to ourselves.
I had asked Emmy if she's ever built a bear. She said no so I made it my mission that day to take her to make one at the mall. First you pick out your bear. Then take it to the filling station and the girl there fills your bear with stuffing. Then...
You get to give it a bath and spruce it up.

 You then get to pick out some clothes out of about 1,000 outfits, shoes, hair accessories, you name it. Emmy decided she wanted just shoes, and a headband for her bear...

While I took Emmy to get her bear, Paul took Logan out to find a toy.

We were told the very first ice cream cone machine was made close by. So, we headed to this little diner of sorts called Doumars. For the first time ever, I had an ice cream in a warm cone! Oh it was yummy! The gentleman making the cones was the son in law of the owner. He loved his job and it showed! He was very enthusiastic and explained the process in detail. It was fun to watch him.

So we had a wonderful weekend. I will post pics of our finished pergola and how the basement is coming along soon. Hugs and as always...

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  1. WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!!!!! Logan & Emmy are growing up - wow.
    Thanks for sharing your busyness - I love your posts!
    HUGS - have a good weekend.