Thursday, June 11, 2015

Happy Birthday!!!

Yep, today is my birthday and I'm now 58. Nice number. I like the even numbers and 5 is my favorite number so win-win! Unfortunately, I have noticed lots of signs of aging. I have varicose veins, some sagging skin and even my hands aren't the youthful, smooth beauties they once were.

I really wish I had taken a pic of my hands about 20 years ago. I'm such a memory keeper fiend now. Lots of "I wish I had pics of this or that". Oh well. I'll have to remember to tell Jenn to those sorts of things. I am pleased with how my workouts are helping me build some muscle and my running is kicking in. My last run was, run for 8 minutes, walk for 3, run for 8. I'm now working on push ups. Ugh, I can't even do one on my toes! I'll get there as I AM NOT GIVING UP!

The basement is coming along nicely! I went to Home Depot with Paul to look for tile for the wet bar back splash. Came across these awesome tin looking sheets!!

I'm so happy with the way it turned out!
So, the plumber should be here either today or tomorrow to put in the faucets in both the wet bar, bathroom sink and shower.

Some pics of our progress...

Lighting going down basement stairs.

My soon to be workout room..I CANNOT WAIT!
So, that's all for today. Jenn is coming over to spend the day with me and her and her friend Jess are subbing for some people at Bunco tonight. All in all it should be a great day!! 
As always...

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  1. Happy belated BIRTHDAY Val!!!! I hope you had a great one. I had a birthday too last month. I didn't remember we were so close in celebrations. Wow, and look at your basement. I just love the ceiling. How fabulous! You are going to have lots of fun down there. Just wanted to pop in and wave hello. :)