Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My OLW for January...

Ack! I've been gone for what seems like forever! Recently I signed up for a workshop on Ali Edward's site called One Little Word. You can find it here: OLW

I'm pretty excited about it. Everyone who's taking the class is to choose a word for the year. A word they can embrace, use and implement to enrich their lives. My word was easy. It's been in my face all of last year and it's been said to me many times by Paul.... FOCUS. So each month we will get prompts from Ali.

I bought my apple green album at Michaels and it's a Becky Higgins Project Life 6x8 album. LOVE IT! I then bought some dividers from Joann's made by Heidi Swapp and stamped the months onto the tabs. Feels like scrapbooking!

Here are my January prompts...

One of the prompts, pick a symbol. I picked a spiral as my symbol. Just so happened I had a spiral stamp in my stash.
LOVE THIS! It's my January divider so I get to smile each time I open my album!

Very old selfie (before there were selfie's) but I think I pretty much look the same, except for maybe
 a few wrinkles.

As always...

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  1. this is a great idea making a book that focuses on you and your growth for the year. I haven' done pocket scrapping before but this seems like something I could do. thanks for sharing it.!