Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kentucky Derby Party!

First of all, Happy Mothers Day! Steve and Brandy got me some Shari's Berries!! OMG are they good!! LOVE THEM!
Decadent chocolate covered strawberries

Today Paul and I plan on going to the assisted living where his mom lives and having lunch with her. Then Steve is taking me to dinner...I'm still trying to decide where. We'll go early, maybe only have to wait in line an hour instead of 2 or 3.

So yesterday my friend Bev and I had a Derby Party!! Usually she hosts it, and has had it now for 4 years but she mentioned she wanted to invite more people but didn't think she had room at her house. I told her we could have it at my house since mine's a bit bigger. I think total we had 34 ladies. So fun!

The night before I hot glued my hat together. I really got lucky and found some blue and white polka dotted ribbon, which matched perfectly with my top I wore. I bought some horse stickers and glued those on too. For the life of me I could not find a large blue flower!! I used white and turned out ok...

Not the brightest white but oh well

Now Bev's hat, what a HAT!! She won 1st place, rightfully so!
I got to wear my pearls! Haven't done that in a long time.
My good friend Chris
Zaria and Sue arriving

Barbara and Wendy

On to the food. Oh my! When you have a party and 30+ women each bring a dish...I can't even describe...

Brandy won 1st Place for her AMAZING rose cupcakes and horse cookies...delish!!!
This is the person who gives us lessons...remember my cupcakes from a few weeks ago..yep!

I made these Brown Butter & Brown Sugar Pecans (they were yummy)
Now what you don't see clearly are the name displays one of the ladies made! They have the roses and forks..Oh My!

"Get your dream horse with Barbie"

And this little trumpeter did an amazing job! I don't know why it didn't record the whole thing, but you get the gist of it...

As always....

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  1. OMG Val! Y'all had a great time! I just love all those creative hats and look at the food. Wow! Those cupcakes were so pretty. I have got to learn how to make those. Fabulous time! :)