Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap..

I guess that's what you'd call it since it's Monday. Had a great weekend in spite of the cold, windy, sleety weather. I mean wow-seriously? It's May! But then again everyone keeps saying it's May in OHIO! Oh well. Just happy it isn't next weekend since Paul and I are going camping.

Friday I went to Jenn's and took her to the Toledo Eye Clinic (part of the Cleveland Clinic) and she had LASIK eye surgery! Her and Dan both have decided to try and get things done that they've always wanted to BEFORE they have kids. Good thinking guys!! We all know that once a little one comes along they're the whole focus for the next 20 years! Jennifer has been wearing glasses and contacts since she was about 12. The procedure didn't take but about 15-20 minutes and they had a monitor where I could see the whole thing through the glass doors. Pretty impressive I tell ya!

Here she is getting ready to head home...

She's starting to be in pain

When I got her home her eyes were burning something fierce. She went upstairs to get a little nap in and finally the burning subsided. While she was upstairs, I was on the couch with Shelby and MoJo, two of my favorite feline friends...

I decided quite a while ago that I wanted to make the family members who use walkers, these cute little bags to hang on them and carry their "stuff". Well Sue bought Paul's mom a real pretty leopard print one (Dory goes gaga over anything leopard print) so I didn't make her one. But Aunt Donna has had a walker now for a couple of months so I decided to make her one. Here is the pattern I used Walker Tote. I have the material for Aunt Gert's and I'll get started on hers in a day or so. I asked Aunt Donna what her favorite color is and she likes lavender and purple. So here is her bag in progress...

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The D-rings have thrown me for a loop. I followed the directions and for the life of me couldn't figure out how to attach them to the walker without twisting them around. Anyway, I may have to fiddle with the next one I make. Maybe have 2 straps with one having the D-rings.
So here's the completed bag...

The front has 2 big pockets

The back has 3 pockets

I'm pretty proud of myself and I think Aunt Donna really likes it.

I noticed over the weekend that the Rhododendrons in the front yard near the door are about to bloom...

I think the buds are gorgeous!
The Peonies we got from Paul's dad are blooming. Bob calls them Norwegian Peonies and Sue found out that they're also called Lacy Leaf Peonies. They aren't as big as a regular nor do they get full of ants...they are simply gorgeous!

So in spite of the cold yesterday, it did stop sleeting so we had a busy day. I put our patio furniture for sale on Facebook and a friend bought it. She couldn't get it in her car so we loaded up Paul's Explorer and my CX-5 and her Encore.
While vegging in the am, I saw 2 Billiard Chairs for sale on Facebook. Of course we NEED those downstairs in the basement! Paul and I drove over to Lorain and picked them up.
Then I also sold Aunt Donna's little hutch so we went over to her house and unloaded it of dishes etc. and then a lady came with a truck and Paul helped her with it. We visited with Aunt Donna for a little while and out her back window came an Indigo Bunting! I don't see many but this one she said comes all the time...

 So, I've taken the week off! Yay! What ever shall I do? Well today started off good. I went for a 3 mile walk at 6am with Lydia and then came home and tried my Beachbody DVD's 21 Day Fix Extreme. I've been doing the regular for a while and I'm a bit bored so I thought, it's time to get serious if I want to lose the flab and weight in time for Jenn's wedding. I felt really good afterwards! Now I just need to concentrate on eating according to the plan and portion control.

As always....

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  1. I love the walker totes. AWESOME!
    Don't you love watching birds? I find it pretty soothing.