Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Birthday!!

Yep, it's my birthday! Funny story, yesterday I ordered lunch at the Thai restaurant across the street from where I work. When I went in there, I said hi to the guy at the counter and asked how his day was going. He said okay except he hates all the new technology. I kind of try to embrace it and I'm desperately trying to stay caught up. This morning the grands, Logan and Emmy Face timed with me while Eric was driving them to the pool. That fascinates me! I LOVE the fact that I can get on a plane in one time zone and phone automatically changes when we cross that zone, even if we're driving!
I just got on my computer this afternoon and on my homepage even Google knows it's my birthday...

Pretty sweet huh? (I know it's because I have gmail but still).

This morning I went to my friend Lydia's and we walked 3 miles. We've been walking every morning now for a few weeks. I want to up my exercising though. I look in the mirror and see my mom in her late 50's and I feel old...really old.
I won't go on and on about it though. Paul took me to Crocker Park this morning and we walked around the art show. Usually we find something we like but today we weren't feeling it. I sometimes buy earrings but the prices were outrageous. We did stop and look at the menu for Burntwood Tavern so Paul's taking me there for dinner. Hopefully we don't need reservations.

I went to Jenn's Tuesday and part of Wednesday and helped her with her centerpieces. They turned out really nice...

She took me to the venue and it's lovely. Right on the Maumee River called Thompson Stone Hall, in Bowling Green.

I've been wanting to get some pretty chair cushions for the rockers out on the front porch but we've had those for so long, the wood is really wearing and splitting etc. Well, silly me I got adventurous and decided to paint them! Insert frown and wide eyed emoji's here. Here are the old rockers where I'm starting to paint them..

I found some spray paint that has primer in it...wrong. I guess it does but not enough to work on these. So back to Home Depot I went to get primer and some more paint. I was wishing we had just gone to Cracker Barrel and got a new set, but Paul reminded me that when we bought these, we didn't like the comfort of the ones at Cracker Barrel (or the price I don't think) and we went to Amish Country south of us and bought these along with the front porch swing at the old house. I'm thinking if these don't work, maybe I can talk him into taking a little road trip..keep your fingers crossed (for the road trip, not the chairs LOL).

Earlier in the week went to Aunt Donna's and picked up a finch feeder she wanted us to have since she's moved. I had it with the other feeders and didn't see one finch. Paul thought maybe it was because the other feeders have large birds, woodpeckers and blue jays etc. that perhaps they were a bit intimidated. So we moved the feeder and lo and behold...

Kind of blurry but they're back there

Well, I'm going to go play in my scrap room for a while. I'll leave you with a photo of my sweet Tobycat enjoying some sunshine...

As always....


  1. Happy, happy birthday Val! I am happy you had a good time. Enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday Val! Hope you had a wonderful day``