Friday, June 3, 2016

It's June!

Wow is this summer going by fast! It probably feels that way because we went from freezing to summer heat, we didn't get a nice mild spring. Oh well.

Here's a few pics of our first camping trip with the new camper. The camper was great! Perfect size for us and the fridge worked great (our last camper the fridge didn't work). Even the heater was nice since it was in the 40's at night. Of course the second night, Paul decided to use a space heater (insert shocked emoji) and Brandy and I froze. I think he thought maybe the propane would run out. Who knows.

It's been a few years since we went to Findlay State Park and we DID NOT KNOW they changed the campsite numbers around. Usually when we go camping, we walk around and check out the different sites and which ones we would like to use in the future and we write them down. So needless to say, the site we picked was not the site we got! I was really disappointed in the park itself. They're doing construction down one of the streets and putting in paved pads and since it rained, there was mud everywhere! There was a bathroom half way down our cul-de-sac but of course it was closed so we had to walk over where the muddy road was. Then the ladies latrine ran out of hand sanitizer Friday night and they didn't replace it!

Since it rained all day Saturday, Steve took Paul fishing early in the morning but I didn't want to go in the rain. I wasn't a happy camper then.

Our little camping sign Eric made for us (when we had the other camper). He did an awesome job, we love it! 

Paul caught the first fish :)
Steve's quite the fisherman!

We ate good! Besides the burgers and dogs, I made some mac n cheese to die for (I love Pinterest for camping food) and we had walking tacos. Instead of making them in the bags of Doritos, we put ours in bowls..yummm!

So all in all it was an okay trip. It was a practice run with the new camper and after we figure out where we're going to keep everything, and get a set up system going it will be fine.

We have some pretty irises blooming...

I finished two more walker bags, one for Aunt Gert and one for Aunt Jane...

And...more postcards are arriving. They may be boring to you and that's okay, feel free to skip right over them.


Thailand (one of my favorites)

Taiwan 1 ~ another favorite
Taiwan 2

I'm off today so I'm hoping to get a scrapbook page done. I got an early birthday present from Paul, a Cricut Explore Air and I can't wait to play with it. 

As always...

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