Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Hi there,

Today's a new day. Not a good one, just new. I posted my grief stricken blog post on Facebook the other day. I didn't plan on it. Actually, I wasn't going to say anything at all because I wasn't sure how I could handle all the "I'm sorry for your loss" etc. It was nice to see so many people cared. I decided I've posted enough about our little guy and our grief on Facebook and thought today..Hey! I've got a blog and I can blog what I want to!!

The weekend was just a lot of crying and wandering around the house trying to figure out how to deal with our little man gone. We didn't turn on the tv. Saturday after we left the vets office, we started drinking. That was around 3:00. Sunday Paul went to the grocery store early in the morning and when he came home he was quite choked up about the fact that his little buddy wasn't here to greet him. Paul found that he could read in between his bouts of grief and I found that when my eyes weren't blurry from tears, I could knit! So I did.

Yesterday morning Paul went for a run (which he usually does on Monday's) and he ran into some ladies that run all the time. So they asked him how his weekend went and he kind of fell apart. Got teary eyed explaining about Winston. When they got to our driveway he said "I bet you don't ask me that question again" and they chuckled.  I went to work yesterday, as did Paul. I kept busy at my desk and tried to avoid people. Some people are harder to avoid, they mean well but I don't need to be crying at work. So for the first time in a long time I got caught up on some things I've been meaning to and actually worked 7 hours! I usually only work on Mondays and Wednesdays until about noon or so.

Today is a lot harder with our little guy gone than it has been. I went for a run this morning. Even with music playing it didn't help with the emptiness I'm feeling. Plus, running gives you way too much time to THINK!

Paul texted me (he's not usually a texter) after I got home from my run and said he's having a tougher time today. Yep, me too.

I find tea helps. I have some wonderful Tetley Salted Caramel tea.

And my TobyCat is trying to help,

which he does when he isn't being a brat and chewing my pocket pages or climbing on the home entertainment center..

Usually on Tuesdays I volunteer at the assisted living in my neighborhood, but I got a text yesterday that there's an influenza going around so no one is leaving their rooms. To be honest, this was meant to be!
If I wasn't obsessed with Facebook, I never would have known that yesterday was my friend and walking partners birthday. Ugh! I felt awful! I won't forget again that's for sure. So, since I don't have to volunteer today, I'm going to make her a card. I'm in my craft room and I'm going to turn on Alexa and play some Rolling Stones or Beatles and get my craft on!

Thanks for listening and as always...

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