Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hi everyone,

I know, I's Thursday and I missed posting yesterday. But, I still have lots I'm loving so why not post What I'm Loving Wednesday on Thursday, huh? It's just a day!

I'm friends. While on our recent vacation to Cancun we met the nicest couple. I'm loving these new friends..

Dean and Vivian
I'm Loving...for my birthday a few years back, my sister Wendy gave me the most thoughtful gift. She knows how much documenting my life through pictures means to me. See if you recognize the tune..

See the little mouse in the bottom right corner getting ready for her picture? I treasure this and every once in a while as I walk past it in the family room, I turn it on and just watch. Thanks Wendy!

I'm loving... that my boss came through surgery fine and dandy. He had to have surgery due to diverticulosis.

I'm loving... the sunny skies today. We've had some major cold air with snow the past few days.

I'm loving... my Facebook groups: Addicted To Knitting, Women Over 50, Project Life Obsessed, Brenda Novak's Book Group and a slew of others.

I'm Loving... my new dishwasher! My old one leaked all over the floor and the inside racks were burned and melted.

I'm Loving... my new Kindle Paperwhite. It's light as a feather. Although I LOVE paper, this really came in handy while reading by the pool in the bright sunshine. Somehow I seem to read faster too...I know, weird right? LOL

I'm Loving... these two. Giving them as much loving as I can. Winston (15 yrs old) has kidney failure and is working on about 20% as of January and we just found out this week that Kitty (14 yrs old in June) has a tumor in his mouth and it's an aggressive form of oral cancer.

Just giving lots of lovin'. Lots and lots xoxo

As always...

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