Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Tuesday!

I didn't write yesterday but I was going to and got side tracked. Paul was so sweet to leave me a nice card with some Rocher Chocolates in the bathroom and he even got Wendy a little bag of Truffles. The kids came over with Valentine cards and little chocolates..it was so cute of them. When they got here, they both yelled "Happy Valentines Day"!! Then this morning when Eric dropped off Emmy, she walks in the backdoor and announces "Happy Valentines Day"!! again. I said I'm all for that!!

Logan was a little emotional today. Cried this afternoon when I tried to get him to take a nap and said he wants to be a grown-up really bad! I hugged him and let him watch some tv and relax. I asked him if he knew what relaxed meant and he said that's when you lay down but keep your eyes open. Yep.

So, off to make some dinner.

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