Saturday, February 26, 2011

Busy week

Wow, what a busy week I've had. Babysat the kids on Tuesday and took Wendy to the airport. Ran back and forth between the assisted living (AL) and the office both on Wednesday and Thursday. Max and Erma's on Wednesday for a fundraiser my gf is having. She's running a marathon for the Lukemia Society. Fatheads Bar & Grill on Thursday for Jenn's birthday celebration. I can't believe my baby is 26! Usually I help my friend Peggy (she's on the right)  with scrapbooking on Thursday mornings. She has early onset Alzhiemers Disease (she turns 59 in March) and wants to scrap as much as possible before she no longer can. We switched days this week with Friday because I wanted to help the old folks at the AL with some crafts on Thursday. Needless to say, we had a bad snow storm yesterday so I didn't leave the house all day. I did manage to get a couple of pics from the sunroom of a squirrel just having a ball in the backyard trying to get some birdseed buried in the snow.

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