Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's up today!

Well, this is my very first blog post. Hopefully I'll have a lot to say and share in the days, months and years ahead. Not much going on this Sunday but I do hope to scrap a page.

Lately there's a big gray cat hanging around our house. We noticed him (I call him a him because he's a bit of brute) about a month ago when Kitty (that's Kitty above) was sitting in the front window and this cat just attacked the window! I mean he seriously attacked it, like there wasn't even glass there! So, yesterday afternoon I see this cat in the backyard getting a drink of water from the birdfeeder and then a few minutes later I see him lounging on the front porch rail. Toby (below) decides to look out the front window and that's  
the first time he ever saw the "mystery" cat and of course that cat attacked the window again and poor Toby didn't know what to make of that! He just ran from the window as fast as he could. So, Paul has convinced me to let Winston go out and chase Mystery Cat next time he comes around. I just hope Winston can convince him not to come around here anymore.


  1. Okay you have the two cutest critters I have ever seen! Toby is so dang adorable and how can you not just love little Winston! Awesome photos by the way!

  2. Val, what a great blog. I love the recap of your adventures last summer and to date. I wish I were savvy enough to make a blog and had something worthwhile to post! Great job. I'll check in again.