Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After yesterday's blustery, winter mix of sleet, snow and rain, I woke up this morning to ice everywhere! Once the sun came out it was gorgeous!! All the different color prisms bouncing off the trees were amazing! I wish it was a little warmer, I would have ventured out with Nick (my camera). Drove my sister to the airport this morning since she's going down to MS on some business with FEMA and to visit some family. Then I babysat the kiddos. We played with balloons and chased them around the living room trying not to let them touch the ground. It was fun. Then headed over to their house to read and nap. Logan didn't want anything to do with a nap and was being quite ornery about it. After hearing him say "NO" adamantly to me a couple of times, I decided he needed a time out. I explained that he's not to say no to grownups that he knows, like his mom and dad and MiMi and Grandpa. He told me his dad says no to his mom all the time. I said they're married. He thought for a moment and asked me "am I married MiMi"? No, I told him. He said "I need to be married". This whole time really took a lot of effort on my part not to crack up.

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  1. I loved your chat with Logan. I hope it helps stop the NO's. That photo of the ice is gorgeous. Love your blog. You have such a nice way of saying things.