Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recaping is a good idea

I've decided to post some photos and recap 2010 from about May or so, mainly because alot has happened that I like to talk about. I actually stole the idea from my friend Andrea (I don't think she'll mind). Soooooo,

Eric, Jessie, Logan, Emmy and their dog Lucy
Back in May Eric and family moved here from VA. What a blessing!! We're so excited to have them living close to us!

Steve and Logan playing Rockband!

My birthday!
Having the grandkids around for my birthday was the best present ever!!

Garage sale loot!
Not having Logan and Emersyn living close by, we needed toys and "stuff" fast! We went garage sale shopping one Saturday afternoon and took $100 and loaded up the van. We couldn't have gotten half of what we did at the store for the price we paid.


Emmy turns 2!

Me, Kellie and her mom Cindy.
September turned out to be a fabulous month for me. I met some friends in person that I had only communicated with online. 2 scrapping buddies I met on 2 Peas in a bucket, Kellie and her mom Cindy both are wonderful people.

Nylene, Toni, Cindy, Theresa, me, Diane, Tammy, Wanda and Tina.
Cindy & I went to Scrapfest at the Mall of America and met 7 other friends from 2peas (and one friend of a friend Diane). How blessed am I???


The Gang
We got to go Trick Or Treating for the 1st time with the kids this year! That's me in the back as the witch! What fun!!


Joe, Aunt Gert and Uncle Ralph
I can't believe I didn't take pics of the food!! I won't forget next year since I beat myself up over that this year!

Me & Paul post race!
My first race I ran a 5k on Thanksgiving Day 2010. I see lots more races in my future!


Logan carefully placing the Hershey Kiss
Logan and I made cookies and other goodies for Christmas. I loved baking with him!


Logan sledding!


  1. Love all the photos! What a year you and your family had. You did a great job capturing the moments on film. Great job and love your blog background and title.

  2. I love the chronology, and also being featured as a highlight of your year. I just love you!!