Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wow, it's March!

Already! March brings with it 3 birthdays, my SIL Barb on the 10th, Logan on the 17, and my mom would have been 85 on the 23rd.

I miss her so much. 
And, my brother passed away on the 10th last year. Can't tell you in words how much I miss him.

Wendy and I were talking about how much we miss him and she reminded me of what he used to say when he couldn't find the words..."ain't that sumpdin'". 

Trying to get my PL going...it's slow going. But, I'll keep trying.

We've had another cold blast come through. I think it's about 10 out there right now. Brrrr.

Been in a little of a funk lately. Too much going on around here and I feel a bit overwhelmed. BUT, it will get better.

I'm off. As always,

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  1. Hey Val! Good to see ya here. Hang in there with everything. Also, I got a lot of March birthdays too. My husband's is coming up on the 18th. Got to start thing about ideas for him. See ya around.