Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SNOW!! and knittin' honey...

Well, we knew we were in for another storm today and Mark Johnson was right! It's been blowing and snowing all day. A lot of accidents out there and we were without power for a couple of hours this morning.  I think that maybe due to a fallen power line or something since the snow is very heavy and wet.
Pic from newschannel5. 

So, I stayed in all day and worked a bit for the The Hisey Group, then gathered some yarn for another knitting project. 
 When you look at this sweatshirt...

You might find it surprising to learn that I FINISHED my shawl! My very first lace project and I must say it turned out BEAUTIFUL!! The yarn is bamboo and absolutely to die for soft. My only beef with it is it turned out a lot smaller than I wanted but what the hell, I'll wear it as a shrug-shoulder warmer thingy! 
Just washed prior to blocking.

Not bad for my first lacy project.
As always...


  1. That is gorgeous, Val! I love it!
    I need that sweatshirt...

  2. Wow, look at you!!!! This is so awesome! What time and detail it took and you got it all done. Great job Val! Stay warm!