Monday, March 31, 2014

A great weekend!

I actually scrapped this past weekend and finished January Project Life! Whoo Hoo!!

But! I can't get the pictures to load from icloud and not be sideways. So, I will take pics tomorrow with my Nikon and get them on here.

So...until then, I want to share what I did. Jessie had suggested a few weeks ago that we take this painting class Painting With a Twist that she had done a few times with her girlfriends. Well, Jenn, Jessie, Sarah (Steve's gf) and I went and we had a great time. I've always wanted to paint. I LOVED IT! Of course as anal as I am I felt rushed and didn't finish my painting but - not a big deal as I can finish it here at home. It's suppose to be FUN! No pressure, doesn't matter if you know how to paint or not. Just FUN! And fun it was....

And I am going to lose about 50 lbs starting right NOW! 

We are definitely doing this again!!

It snowed Saturday morning and while Paul was outside shoveling, he called me out to look how gorgeous it was! Oh my! It looked like diamonds everywhere with the sun out!

This morning I noticed Kitty laying by the front door, just chillin' waiting for Dory to wake up. Her room is on the right from where he is laying.

I downloaded a really cool little app called "Collect". You take a pic a day and it creates a Polaroid for ya! How cool is that?

So, I'll be back soon with pics from PL. As always....

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